Thursday, June 23, 2011


A song I wrote called "Ants". I'll let you guys here it soon, here's the lyrics,

Clinging to the off-hand chance of an unexpected encounter, 
and you look above the skyline, to tell someone you found her, 
you write poetry about the fault in yourself, but claim it's for another, 
why if everyone's so stupid do you flop around all summer? 
maybe the doodles on this page can turn into something wonderful, 
cause the colours swimming in your mind, drowned out transform into something dull, 
if "I don't care" is a valid excuse, then looks at the rainbow in CD's, 
squeeze of the last bit of juice and don't put band aids on your knees, 
You say you miss the 90's and the prosperous times we had, 
but I don't see you without your cellphone, and all you want is the new ipad, 
So plug in your plastic skull candy's, and don't the worlds collide, 
The world between the music in your ears, and reality wallowing in your eyes, 
remember when you liked a place just because of the odor, 
one day you'll be a generous man, but for now you are a free loader, 
you can see fireworks from the living room window, garage lighter in the hands of a drunken guy, 
they are beautiful for a moment of colour, but then they are ashes falling from the sky, 
into the lawn in your backyard, were they will be forgotten, 
besides the fact all of the insects that will see gray balls of cotton, 
so my mind continues to wonder about the ants in my backyard, 
while I'm telling you, you better ponder about why life turned out to be so hard, 
I know I sound so full of myself and can be too concerned,
forgive me if you please, but I still have a lot to learn, 
yes i will become a detective and solve every problem in the world, 
after it's all over me and Ron Paul will get all the girls, 
So we will open up our history books and see the things that were, 
we'd get nostalgic about the grass back then, it was greener there for sure, 
we'll raid the ants from there cotton fields, and put there ass to work, 
and for mentioning the 90's you would be called a stupid jerk, 
there would be so many skulls lying around, but not enough candy, 
we'd get into a an ugly civil war, so the ants can be set free, 
so now that we sailed around the world, in just a freaking boat, 
wouldn't you say it's about the time we gave women the right to vote? 
I'm not saying lets get willy nilly, but leave the thinking to the nerds, 
lets get involved in two big wars and fiddle around with a third, 
If i was an actor I would tell you it was all a joke, 
and if I was a writer maybe this wouldn't suck, but nope, 
I'm clinging to the off-hand chance, of an unexpected encounter, 
so I can look above the skyline and tell someone I found her